How to create monthly report


  • Create copy of
    • press Apply button
    • press Save button
    • write <MonthNumber>_<year_number>_closed_issues to the Name field
    • set Visible to to any users
    • correct dates at section Filters
    • press green Save at bottom of page

List of deployed customer-visible features/bugfixes

Using filter from previous step select tasks by following criterion:
  1. task should stand for:
    1. clear and obvious customer-visible feature
    2. fix to bug which was submitted by customer or found by team but important to customer
  2. if general task is already included do not include subtasks
  3. tasks for mdbci tests / organization issues should be not included

Create task links list and describe each selected task with one sentence (extend task name for more readability)


  1. solved docker problems:
    1. Problem with docker build - execution failed
    2. Add -m option to useradd command in dockerfiles (to solve permission issue)
    3. Galera docker bug
  2. fix cleanup script
  3. Create job (using jjb) for performing sql query to db with test results
  4. fix wrong exit code when using tee
  5. SLES: fix zypper issues during maxscale install from protected repo
  6. fix Build job failing on nettools install
  7. fix run_test problem on suse (chief is not found during provision, probably caused by new chef version)
  8. Create job wich will trigger build_and_test by push to maxscale_bsl