How to check issues

Steps for checking issue. Key words are marked bold.

Common steps

  1. Ensure that issue has test scenario field filled with correct scenario containing ONE or more type of content:
    1. Steps for manual execution and expected result
    2. Link to wiki page
    3. Name of newly added automated test which is automaticaly executed in jenkins builds
    4. Name of newly added automated test with execution procedure steps and expected results
  2. Ensure that all requirements from issue description are satisfied during issue solving

Issue with repo changes

Ensure that issue contains:
  1. link to pull request without conflicts
  2. link(s) to mdbci_integration_test with last link refering to success test run
Code revew(very general tips), what should be checked:
  1. unused variabled, functions
  2. unclear definitions
  3. untestable functions
  4. code not related to tasks

Issue about wiki

Wiki page should contain:
  1. links to source materials
  2. command examples

Issue about setting up / configuring server

Issue test scenario should contain commands that demonstrates successful configuration and successful integration test runs for ensuring that server is OK.