Calculating team progress

Team progress is a number of tasks which were performed by each participants proportionally to number of solvers for each issue.
To calculate team progress per each participant for one month you need to execute following command. It can take some time (no more than 10 m) so be patient:

python scripts/check_tasks/ --projectName '[mdbci] Maria DB Continuous integration tool' --hostName --issueFilter 'status_id=closed&updated_on=%3E%3C2016-04-01|2016-04-30'

Sample result

Getting project id
Project id = 183
Recieving issue list using project_id and filter
Requesting issues by url:|2016-04-30
Requesting issues by url:|2016-04-30
Recieved 33 issues
Calculating task statistics for users
Alexander Kaluzhny(13.0):    6880(1), 6980(1), 6917(1), 6923(1), 6927(1), 6928(1), 6885(1), 6900(1), 6966(1), 6916(1), 6938(1), 6939(1), 6911(1), 
Ilfat Kinyaev(5.0):    6827(1), 6876(1), 6901(1), 6902(1), 6807(1), 
Mark Zaslavskiy(1.0):    6735(1), 

- Mark Zaslavskiy(1.0): - user name with his total amount of completed tasks.
- 6735(1), - each completed task with total number of solvers (teammates who transfered task to REview state).

Other possible values of --issueFilter param are listed at