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Total time: 47:00 hours

Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Libcds extension 22.04.2015 Nikolay Rapotkin Management Task #6218: Rebase with upstream master 2:00 Actions
Libcds extension 19.04.2015 Evgeny Kalishenko Development Task #6238: Configure full cmake-project Created pull request 6:00 Actions
Libcds extension 05.04.2015 Evgeny Kalishenko Development Task #6182: Create an eclipse-project through cmake Branch "cmake" now has first cmake building implementation 4:00 Actions
Libcds extension 19.03.2015 Nikolay Rapotkin Development Task #6185: Multi conditions base implementation 1:30 Actions
Libcds extension 19.03.2015 Nikolay Rapotkin Documentation Task #6181: Describe synchronization strategies 0:30 Actions
Libcds extension 07.09.2014 Evgeny Kalishenko Bug-fixing Bug #5598: Can't find yield and sleep_for 2:00 Actions
Libcds extension 28.08.2014 Svyatoslav Vlasov Development Task #5547: Refactor Harris list tests in CppUnit style 10:00 Actions
Libcds extension 02.08.2014 Svyatoslav Vlasov Documentation Task #5528: Describe Harris algorithm ideas 0:30 Actions
Libcds extension 01.08.2014 Svyatoslav Vlasov Development Task #5530: Harris RCU implementation revision #3 20:00 Actions
Libcds extension 29.07.2014 Svyatoslav Vlasov Development Task #5527: Make libcds fork 0:30 Actions

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