Task #8505

Updated by Ilfat Kinyaev over 4 years ago

For testing:
1. Create empty job: 8505_test_job
2. Fill it:
- job:
name: 8505_test_job
description: 'View: regular_test. This job doing something'
3. In descriprion must be specified view, or nothing will be happen.
4. Update job on max-tst-01:
./scripts/ ./test_configs/jekins.ini update 8505_test_job.yaml
5. In console output you will see:
SUCCESS: job - '8505_test_job' has been added to view - 'regular_test'
6. Look at:
Or else view, where you added job.

You will get error if write wrong view, like this:
ERROR: No view named 1233sad inside view Jenkins
ERROR: job - '8505_test_job' adding to view '1233sad' failed!
But job will be successfully updated on server, without notify the view.

If you dont write view, or use only whitespaces (like a: "View: . ", you dont get any errors and only update job.