Task #7313

Updated by Ilfat Kinyaev almost 4 years ago

# Place SOME.yaml job in SOME_DIR directory.
# For check, comment lines:
jenkins-jobs --conf ${JENKINS_CONFIG} ${ACTION} ${YAML_JOB}
rm ${YAML_JOB}_temp
# in jjg/scripts/

# Then, run
./scripts/ test_configs/jenkins.ini update SOME_DIR/SOME.yaml

# Results:
It will print timestamp and commit id:

Timestamp: 2016-08-13 18:44:06+03:00, Git ID: bfafde82068c064eae07c4665924d8021789e8e5

# If it will not be description field in yaml, it create and print to console:
description added

# Or it will add info (timestamp and commit id) to exsisting field:
description modified

# In SOME_DIR must be file SOME.yaml_temp , where in description field be timestamp and commit id:

description: '[2016-08-13 18:45:58+03:00 ID=bfafde82068c064eae07c4665924d8021789e8e5]'

# Or:
description: 'Some old infirmation in description. [2016-08-13 18:45:58+03:00 ID=bfafde82068c064eae07c4665924d8021789e8e5]'

# Then, delete comment lines and download job to Jenkins. In web-form ( at description field must be timestamp and commit id.